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15cm-20V, cordless chain saw, RONIX 8600

€ 140.42


The Ronix 8600 Cordless Mini Chain saw is one of the prominent members of Ronix’s newly launched All-in-one 86 series. All of the products under this professional series are powered with a Lithium-ion battery compatible with all 86 series tools.

The Ronix 8600 Cordless Mini Chain saw is Powered by One 20V battery with a capacity of 2.0Ah. A 2in1 fast charger charges the battery through a 110-120V power outlet. Its powerful high-performance motor can cut through different applications with a chain speed of 4.8 meters per second.

The unique design of this cordless mini chain saw includes a functional handle, able to rotate 45 ° left and right, and a 180° rotatable blade guard for more protection during operation. The Ronix 8600 has a safety switch, automatic lubricating system, and rubberized soft grip top handle.

Detailed Description

This 20V battery-powered mini chain saw is an excellent tool for woodworking in small and large-scale places, including parks, farms, forests, greenhouses, etc.

More about Ronix 8600 Professional Cordless Mini Chainsaw
Keep reading for our detailed reviews to help identify what features 8600 offers to the tools market.

Motor and Mechanism:
The Ronix 8600 Cordless Mini Chain saw has a High-efficiency 20V motor, maximizes runtime and motor life, and delivers a no-load speed of 3800RPM. The Ronix 8600 mechanism is designed to have the lowest noise level and zero emissions for users’ comfort and convenience.

Saw Chain:
Equipped with a “Tool-less” saw chain adjustment for convenient operation and maintenance, Ronix 8600 is among the most functional and versatile chain saws on the market. The ¼” cutting chain can have a high cutting efficiency, with a chain speed of 4.8m/s. The maximum cutting diameter of the saw chain is 6”/150mm.

Guide Bar:
This mini chain saw features a 195mm chain bar that holds and supports the saw chain during the cutting operation. It has a bar cover that should be used while transporting or storing the chainsaw.

Body and Switches:
The lightweight and small design of the 8600, with only 1.67kg weight, makes it a user-friendly mini chainsaw suitable for wood cutting, gardening, pruning, etc. The chainsaw’s handle has a soft rubberized grip that can rotate 45 ° left and right, and an anti-dust ON/OFF trigger switch powers the tool.

8600 has a 180° rotatable blade guard to protect it from throwing objects. It also includes a safety switch to prevent the tool’s accidental start.

Lubricating System:
The Ronix 8600 mini chain saw has an automatic lubricating system to reduce the friction between the bar and chains, make cutting smoother and more accessible, and guarantee the tool’s durability. The volume of the oil can be controlled using a 50ML oil tank and an oil indicator.

This cordless mini chain saw has a battery capacity of 2.0Ah/20V, making it an excellent tool for high cutting efficiency. The good news is that this Li-ion battery is compatible with all of Ronix’s 86 series tools. The battery’s charging time is 60 minutes, and the chain saw can cut 50-60 pieces per charge (with a cutting diameter of 100mm). A 2in1 110-240V charger can charge the battery.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 8600 color box includes a bar cover, an oil bottle with a tank capacity of 50ml, a 3mm file, two 2.0Ah batteries, and a 2.0A charger.


-Professional cordless chainsaw enhanced cutting performance with powerful motor and a chain speed of 4.8 meter per secend
-Automatic lubricating system reduces the friction between the bar and chains and makes cutting smoother and easier
-New adjustment system for easier tool-less saw chain/tension adjustment
-Equipped with Safety switch to protect against accidental start
-Special handle design can rotate 45 ° left and right
-180°rotatable blade guard can protect from throwing objectst
-Low noise level and zero emissions for operator comfort-
-Rubberized soft grip top handle is engineered for the user to more easily apply even cutting pressure
-Equipped with over current protection-
-suitable for wood cutting, gardening pruning, small branch pruning, bush pruning, widely used in gardens, farms, parks, forest, pastures, orchards, greenhouses


Model 8600
Voltage 20V
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 2.0Ah
maximum cutting diameter 6"/150mm
chain size "1/4
chain bar length 195mm
No-Load Speed 3800RPM
Max Chain Speed 4.8m/s
Oil Tank Capacity 50ml
Runtime Full-load:15 min
Cuts per battery charge (Cutting diameter 100mm) 50-60pcs
Battery Charging Time 60min
Weight (1.67KG(with one 2.0Ah battery
Supplied In Ronix Color box
Includes bar cover,oil bottle 50ml,3mm file, 1 pc 2.0Ah battery,1pc 2.0A charger

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