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1200W-115mm-2.05kg, mini angle grinder, RONIX 3161

€ 49.91


Whether you do woodworking at home or are a tool expert, a mini angle grinder will always come in handy.

Since these items are a small version of a traditional grinder, they have the same functions.

You'll be able to sand, cut and polish all in the same compact tool. The mini angle grinder works quickly and is very easy to use.

Various factors will help you choose a mini grinder that is durable, reliable, versatile, and of high quality. Ronix 3161 mini angle grinder with 1200W and 3000-11000 RPM can meet all your needs.

If you are interested in this type of tool, I suggest you go through this complete guide; all the information you will need to choose your new machine is gathered here.

Similarly, the Ronix 3161V mini angle grinder is manufactured with all the features and capabilities listed, the only difference between these two devices is their voltage and frequency.

The Ronix 3161 mini angle grinder is without a doubt a reference in the field of mini angle grinders. It is very compact and handy with a weight of only 2.05 kg, but at the same time very powerful.

Ronix 3161, 1200W 115mm M14 Mini Angle Grinder:
The Ronix 3161 is an extremely powerful mini angle grinder that lends itself to precision applications and fast cutting and grinding tasks. Ronix Tools offers you this short guide and review to help you choose the best mini angle grinder that suits your requirements.

Motor and mechanism:
This mini angle grinder has a fairly powerful motor for its range of 1200W. The 3000-11000 RPM idle speed and the 115mm cutting disc allow the 3161 to tackle most materials with relative ease, be it stone, metal, wood, or of course softer materials like PVC or laminate. The unit has an on/off button on the top and a trigger on the bottom of the handle. It allows you to modulate the speed to work smoothly on certain surfaces. The spindle lock is convenient and makes changing attachments easy. The unique design of the airflow grooves optimizes cooling during the continuous operation of the machine, increases the overload capacity of the tool, and prevents chips and small parts from entering the motor.

Ronix 3161 mini angle grinder with its 2.05 kg weight, has an aluminum housing to protect the user from splashes. Its ergonomic handle which can be placed on the right or left ensures easy work and perfect machine control in a different range of operator movements.

The Ronix 3161 mini angle grinder comes with a spanner for easy replacement of the cutting disc, a Ronix-design auxiliary handle to reduce the fatigue of the hand while working, and a solid, high-quality guard to protect the user's hand from injury and possible damage resulting from the movement of the cutting disc.

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-High power heavy duty 1200W motor that enables top performances in different functions
- 2 positions ergonomic side handle which promoting easy work and perfect machine control in different range of operator movements
-Direct motor cooling system which allows higher industrial operation capabilities and protecting armature
-Variable speed setting regulates the speed to adapt
to the operator's needs
-Quick change of disc guard that allows the user to position the guard in many different working angles
-Easy and fast carbon brush changing mechanism
-New locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch which reduces dust penetration, especially in construction usages

Model 3161
Power 1200W
No-Load Speed 3000-11000 RPM
Voltage 220-240V
Wheel Diameter 115mm
Spindle Size M14
Weight 2.05kg
Includes Ronix-design side handle, Protection guard, Spanner

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