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3000RPM-20V, brushless cordless, reciprocating saw, NO battery, RONIX 8904

€ 129.80


Perfection in Every Stroke!

A powerful, durable, and high-performance motor makes the Ronix 8904 Brushless Reciprocating Saw an excellent robust tool that can deliver up to 3000SPM (strokes per minute) no-load speed for more incredible performance cuts.

To make the performance even more accessible for the user, Ronix 8904 is equipped with an LED Light, so the user can also work in dark spaces.

This Brushless Reciprocating Saw is ergonomically designed with a soft grip. Therefore, the working efficiency is elevated when implying it, and the design is beneficial for reducing user fatigue.

Battery and charger not included.

Detailed Description

What is a brushless reciprocating saw? A reciprocating saw is a type of electric saw in which the cutting action is achieved through a push-and-pull movement of the blade. Take advantage of more power with the Ronix 8904 Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saw.

Ronix 8904: The metal and wood cutting solution
Read the complete description to learn more about this powerful reciprocation saw.

Motor and Mechanism:
A high-performance brushless direct drive motor delivers up to 3000SPM no-load speed, allowing you to match pace with the application. The tool is equipped with an easy blade change system, enabling the user to replace saw blades quickly and safely.

Body and Switches:
The ergonomic, compact, and lightweight design of the Ronix 8904 cordless brushless screwdriver promotes user comfort and grip during extended use. Its low-vibration body design makes the tool suitable for various operations. The tool is equipped with an LED light to illuminate workspaces in dark situations. There is also a step-less speed regulation for the operator’s comfort.

The long 20mm stroke length increases cutting efficiency and speed and allows the tool to cut wood and metal and meet different working conditions. The blade’s cutting capacity in the wood is 150mm and in the soft metal is 10mm.

There is no battery in the packaging of this product. But it’s compatible with all 89 series li-ion 20V batteries.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 8904 cordless brushless reciprocating saw is supplied in a BMC hard case, including two pieces of woodworking and metal saw blades.


-High-performance Brushless motor delivers up to
3000RPM no load speed
-High-efficient, light weight body design with low vibration
suitable for a wide variety of operations
-Ergonomic compact design which promotes user comfort &
grip during extended using
-Easy blade change enables replacing saw blade fast and
-Able to cut wood and metal and meet different working
-Adding tree claw bracket meet daily using
-Stepless speed regulation for operator’s comfort by Switch
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum
performances in tight working situations

Model 8904
Motor Type Brushless
Battery Voltage 20V
Battery Chemistry Li-Ion
Battery Capacity this code no battery(it can use 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah battery)
No-Load Speed 0-3000SPM
Cutting Depth "150mm in wood 10mm in soft metal"
Stroke Length 20mm
Max. Capacity in Wood 150mm
Weight 2.3kg
Max. Capacity in Soft Metal 10mm
Supplied In color box
Includes "Woodworking blade 1pc Metal saw blade 1pc"

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