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1/2inch-550 Nm-20V, cordless brushless, impact wrench, RONIX 8655

€ 306.80


Ronix is a brand known by all DIYers and professionals. Probably because it has made an international reputation for the quality of its products, but also for the prices it offers. It is difficult to combine quality and price, but Ronix has done it and seems to be doing very well.

We all know the importance of having the right tools to do our jobs. When it comes to impact wrenches, Ronix offers the ultimate in quality and value. Find out in this article why you should choose Ronix 8655 impact wrench for your DIY or professional tasks.

Detailed Description

From the outside, an impact wrench looks very similar to a conventional screwdriver, also known as a screwdriver drill. They are identical, but the difference is in the internal mechanics. Ronix 8655 brushless impact wrench is a high-efficient, fast-hitting 1/2” tool that can deliver 550Nm torque for high performance and makes impossible tasks possible.

Ronix 8655, 20V Brushless Impact Wrench:
The Ronix 8655 is the perfect tool for the tool enthusiast. Let's explore the features that this high-efficiency tool offers and why it's perfect for a tool kit.

The Ronix 8655 cordless impact wrench features a waterproof, brushless motor that provides excellent performance and is the perfect choice for working in wet environments. With its energy-efficient, sealed, brushless motor, this battery-powered impact wrench offers exceptional functionality and maximum life expectancy. This highly efficient and fast 1/2" impact wrench delivers 550 Nm of torque for high performance. It is possible to adapt the torque according to the application (280, 400, and 500 Nm). With a maximum torque of 550 Nm, this device is very powerful, allowing you to work with thick and solid materials with one hand without any difficulty or risk to the machine's return.

Its all-metal gearbox allows for rugged applications and longer life. It has a 3-speed function for high, medium, low, and IPM fastener control in many applications. The no-load speed of 0-1800 RPM and 0-2300 RPM are for high-power operations, and the speed of 0-2800 RPM is for high-speed operations. The impact rates of 0-1800, 0-2200, and 0-3000 IPM, provide more power and allow the tool to transmit better and higher torque from the motor.

Ronix 8655 tightens M18 standard bolts and M16 high tensile bolts. So, it makes it ideal for a wide variety of tasks, both for professionals and amateurs. The 1/2” chuck design in Ronix 8655 ensures high durability in tight workspaces.

With its ergonomic compact size, lightweight, and small body (2.1 kg), this robust tool enables easy operation in tight places and provides considerable power. Its high-resistance, anti-shock body is designed with an ergonomic rubber grip to control the tool. Thanks to the best LED work light, Ronix 8655 Brushless Impact Wrench can handle projects in hard-to-reach and dark places.

What allows the 8655 to operate continuously and efficiently in tough work situations are the high-performance, long-life, fast-charging 4Ah, 20V lithium batteries. The other element that perfectly complements these batteries is the charger's fast charge system, which allows for optimal performance in challenging work environments.

Accessories and Packaging:
Ronix 8655 brushless impact wrench is supplied in a hard BMC case, including two 4Ah batteries and a 4Ah charger.

Download User Manual
- High-efficiency fast hitting 1/2" impact wrench delivers 550Nm torque for high performance
- High-power brushless, waterproof motor ensures maximum longlife
- Light-weight ergonomic small body design with considerable power
- 3-speed for Hi-Mid-Low RPM & IPM fastening control in a wide range of applications
- Metal gear box enables heavy-duty application and longer life-time
- High resistance, anti-shock body designed with ergonomic rubber grip
- Automatic stop motion on loosing fastener
- Efficient in hard-to-reach and dark places thanks to the best LED worklight


Model 8655
Battery Voltage 20V
Battery Capacity 4.0Ah
Battery Chemistry Lithium
Forward mode 3
Reverse mode 1
Chuck Size 12.7mm(1/2")
No-Load Speed "0-1800RPM 0-2300RPM 0-2800RPM"
Impact Rate "0-1800IPM 0-2200IPM 0-3000IPM"
Standard Bolt Max M18
High Tensile Bolt Max M16
Torque "280Nm 400Nm 500Nm"
Max Torque 550Nm
Weight 2.1Kg(With 1pc 4.0Ah battery)
Supplied in BMC
Includes 2pcs 4.0Ah battery,1pc 4.0A charger

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