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10mm-35N.m-20v, cordless drill driver, RONIX 8620

€ 134.97


A drill driver is a functional tool to drill holes and drive screws. But Ronix 8620 cordless drill driver is a super-versatile tool used for drilling, screwing, and hammer drilling. This drill driver is a member of Ronix's new 86 cordless series, an all-in-one collection of tools with Unity in Power.

This drill driver has a power source of 20V DC and is an excellent cordless assistant for every operator who needs a compact, lightweight tool to move it freely to various spaces of the work site. This drill driver is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a 1.5Ah capacity, delivering a 0-400RPM and 0-1500RPM no-load speed. The full metal keyless 10mm chuck ensures high durability in tight workspaces. The motor's torque can be adjusted in 18 modes, reaching 35Nm at the highest value. With the help of torque adjustment, you can change the force applied to the chuck system.

The Ronix 8620 cordless drill driver comes in a BMC hard case containing two 1.5Ah batteries and one piece of 2in1 fast charger.

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Detailed Description

Ronix 8620 cordless drill driver is a powerful, high-performance tool for drilling and screwing, and hammer drilling. This tool has a unique and simple design, suitable for all DIY and professional applications.

Ronix 8620: Limitless, Cordless, Keyless Drill Driver
Motor and Mechanism:
The motor torque of this drill driver can be adjusted in 18 different modes and reaches 35Nm in the maximum torque. This high-performance motor can drill with three functions: Drilling, Screwing, and hammer drilling.

The motor of this cordless tool is equipped with a two-function gearbox, and the speed of the motor is changed in each function. In the first mode, the rotation speed varies between 0-400rpm, and in the second mode, the motor rotation speed varies between 0-1500 rpm. The lower speed is suitable for screwdrivers and light drills, while the higher speed is used for high-speed drills.

One of the strengths of this cordless drill driver is its chuck system, which makes the operation easier for the user. The Ronix 8620 Cordless Drill Driver is equipped with a 2-sleeves keyless chuck, making the process of changing drill bits and power bits easy and quick. This chuck can hold drill bits up to 10mm in diameter. The maximum drilling diameter of the Ronix 8620 for drilling holes and screwing in wood is 25mm, steel is 10mm, and in masonry, 13mm.

This cordless drill has 18 clutch settings that enable the user to adjust the speed and power to screw more efficiently and reduce fastener damage.

The Ronix 8620 cordless drill driver is manufactured in a lightweight, ergonomic small body design but with considerable power that weighs only 1.33Kg, making it a perfect choice for working in confined spaces. The tool's handle is made of an anti-shock soft grip for the operator's ideal control of the machine. With its high resistance, an anti-shock body designed with a rubber grip removes the risk of damage in case of falling or stroke. The tool features an efficient LED work light below the chuck that comes to help in hard-to-reach and dark places.

The tool has various switches, including an anti-dust trigger switch, a forward/reverse switch to change the drilling direction, and a mode selector switch on top of the tool to switch between drilling and screwing modes.

Ronix 8620 cordless drill driver works with a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 20V and capacity of 1.5Ah, supplying the energy the tool's motor needs. There is an additional 1.5Ah/20V battery inside the Ronix 8620 box, and the batteries are powered with a 2in1 220-240V fast charger. Thanks to an LED charging indicator placed on the tool, you can see the remaining charge and the general condition of the battery, which is very important for increasing the tool's lifetime. It takes 55min for the battery to charge fully, and it can work non-stop for up to 50min after each charge.

Accessories and Packaging:
Ronix 8620 cordless drill driver is supplied in a BMC hard case. The package contains two additional 1.5Ah batteries and a fast charger to provide the tool's power.


-Powerful, high performance drill with 3 function: Drilling, Screwing and hammer drilling
-Light-weight ergonomic small body design but with considerable power
-High performance, long life and fast charging 1.5Ah, 20V Lithium battery
-18 clutch settings enable efficient and accurate screwing and reduce fastener damage
-Full metal keyless chuck ensures high durability in tight work spaces
-35Nm maximum torque delivers great power and outstanding performance
-2 speed functions competent for both high-speed and high-power applications
-Equipped with LED light which illuminates the dark zone and brings optimal brightness in the work area
-High resistance, anti-shock body designed with rubber grip removes the risk of damage in case of falling or any kind of stroke
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performance in tight working situations


Model 8620
Battery Chemistry Lithium-İon
Chuck Type keless
Chuck Size 10mm
Battery Voltage DC 20V
Battery Capacity 1.5Ah
No Load RPM 0-400 RPM 0-1500 ,RPM
Max Torque 35N.M
Max Capacity in Wood 25mm
Max Capacity In Steel 10mm
Max Capacity In Masonry 13mm
Weight 1.33kg
Continuous Working Time (All Diodes) 50mins
Battery Charging Time 55mins
Supplied In BMC
Includes Two 1.5Ah/20V batteries, 1 fast charger(1.8A)

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