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120W-125mm-1600RPM, electric scroll saw, RONIX 5701

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There is a wide variety of saws. Among them, the scroll saw is distinguished by its shape because it has a handle with a relatively thin flexible blade. The blade is held in a U-shape by a metal frame. There are also stationary electric scroll saws with a blade positioned on a swing arm. As evidenced by the many customer reviews, it appears that Ronix 5701 scroll saw is very popular. Customers are pleased with both the convenience and reliability of the model, offering great cutting capabilities while providing excellent durability.

Detailed Description

5701 has some excellent features to highlight, such as its versatility and power. We would also like to highlight the excellent durability of the model, which makes Ronix a serious manufacturer.

Ronix 5701, 120W Scroll Saw:
Ronix has impressed its customers in the past, and this is the case again with the Ronix 5701 scroll saw. Working with this machine is extremely easy; just read the instructions carefully (which are very well explained) and you'll do just fine! If you want to know more about this powerful device, just read on.

Motor and Mechanism:
With a powerful 120W magnetic steel motor, the Ronix 5701 can operate from 400 to 1600 RPM. The Ronix 5701 has a variable speed control; you will benefit from this electronic speed control to scroll through wood, synthetic materials, and aluminum.

Cutting blade:
From solid wood to synthetic materials to fine metals, this tool with its 125mm 60Si2Mn blade cuts through a variety of materials with a cutting size of 406mm. Its maximum cutting capacity is 50 mm at an angle of 0° and 23 mm at an angle of 45°. Ronix 5701 can be used to cut wood up to 50 mm thickness in the standard position.

Body and switches:
The table is appropriately and ergonomically designed, with a total length of 415 mm. The weight of the Ronix 5701 scroll saw is 11 kg which makes it very easy to transport from one place to another. The table is made of steel. And the dimensions of the base plate are 400 x 245 x 95mm. The body and all parts of this saw are made from a high-quality material that secures precise cutting in different angles and applications.
In low light conditions, you will benefit from a perfectly illuminated work area thanks to a flexible adjustable LED light. Besides, this scroll saw is connected with a flexible shaft for use in various applications. In addition, a large on/off switch is designed for the Ronix 5701 scroll saw.

Safety Guard:
The transparent blade guard allows the user to see the workpiece. In another word, the new guard design allows the operator to view the blade as it contacts the material.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 5701 comes in a Ronix-designed color box and include a saw blade assembled with the machine, a soft shaft, and a spanner.

-Powerful 120W motor for maximum productivity and top performances in different functions
-Made from high quality material which secures precise cutting in different angles and applications
-Variable speed goes from 400 RPM -1600 RPM strokes per minute
-Large on and off Switch
-New guard design allows the operator to view the blade as it contacts the material
-Cuts wood up to 50 mm thickness in the standard position
-Connected with a flexible shaft for use in various applications
-Equipped with LED light to increase cutting accuracy


Model 5701
Power 120W
Voltage 220~240V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Motor Type Magnetic steel motor
Idling Speed Range 400 RPM -1600 RPM
Base Plate Size 400*245*95mm
Tilt Range 0°To 45°
Blade Length 125mm
Blade Material 60Si2Mn
Cutting Depth "0°: 50mm : 45°, 23mm"
Cutting size 406 mm
Total Length(mm) 415mm (work table)
Table material steel
Weight 11kg
Supplied In Ronix color box
Includes Saw balde 1pc assemlied with machine; soft shaft 1set; wrench 1pc

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