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2400W-230mm, angle grinder, RONIX 3241

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The electric angle grinders have various applications in construction and job sites, for cutting all kinds of marble, granite, ceramics, etc. You can cut, grind, deburr, finish and polish with a super powerful Ronix 3241 Angle Grinder.

This stone cutter is equipped with a powerful and professional 2400W motor and is designed and produced with a no-load speed of 6000rpm and a 230mm cutting wheel.

It has anti-dust switches for reducing dust penetration, and its anti-dust ball bearings are designed to increase the lifetime of this power tool. This lightweight and ergonomic power tool with its soft start switch would be the cream of the crop!

The Ronix 3241 angle grinder has cutting-edge technologies, such as a 3-position anti-shock ergonomic side handle, a direct airflow system to cool the motor down, a new locking pin system, etc.

Keep scrolling down to get a more detailed description of this high-performance angle grinder.

Detailed Description

Ronix 3241 Angle Grinder is ready to assist you with your worksite cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing applications with its potent motor.

Ronix 3241 Angle Grinder: A High-Power Stone Cutter
Let’s find out what special features and specifications this angle grinder offers to the market.

Motor and mechanism:
Ronix 3241 Angle Grinder has a powerful 2400W motor working with a 220-240VV and 50-60Hz power source, enabling the tool’s high performance. Its no-load speed of 6000PRM has turned this power tool into a wonderfully quick one. This motor features a high-quality industrially-made rotor and stator.

Along with its safety, the lifelong of the power tool also matters. By including high-quality anti-dust ball bearings, you can go smoothly and fast!

Cutting Wheel:
This power tool has a 230mm cutting wheel, an incredible choice for cutting stone and masonry. Its spindle size is M14, and its new locking pin system will help you with an easy, safe, quick wheel change.

Direct Airflow System:
For more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities, the direct airflow system of the tool will cool the motor down.

Ronix 3241 Angle Grinder is considered a lightweight 5.3kg angle grinder. For accelerating works at different angles and improving the comfort and control of the operators, the main rotary handle will come to give you a hand.

To minimize the vibration and decrease hand fatigue during long work, an ergonomic, 3-position anti-shock side handle is intelligently-placed on the tool.

In case of any need to change the carbon brush, its easy and fast carbon brush changing mechanism will help you.

Locking Pin System:
A new locking pin system is included for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanisms. This system helps the user change the disc safely and conveniently by fixing the shaft and preventing its movements.

The anti-dust switch of 3241 reduces dust penetration, especially in masonry working conditions. The soft start switch ensures the safety of operations.

Ronix 3241 Angle Grinder is equipped with a 4-meter cable for more convenient use.

Accessories and Packaging:
You will take your 3241 in a Ronix color box. This box includes an auxiliary Ronix-design handle, a wheel guard, a spanner, a hex key, and one pair of carbon brushes.

Professional Heavy-duty 2400W powerful motor enables high performance
-3 positions anti-shock ergonomic side handle that minimizes vibration and reduces fatigue during long time working
-Direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities
-Anti-dust ball bearings which ensure long lifetime of the motor and make it work more smoothly
-Easy and fast carbon brush changing mechanism
-New locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch which reduces dust penetration, especially in masonry working conditions
-Equipped with 4-meter cable for more convenient usage


Supplied in Ronix color box
No-load RPM 6000 RPM
Model 3241
Power 2400W
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Wheel Diameter 230mm
Weight 5.3Kg
Spindle Thread M14
Includes Ronix designed Auxiliary handle, Ronix wheel guard, Spanner, Hex Key, 1 pair of carbon brush

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