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1400W-115mm, mini angle grinder, RONIX 3160

€ 92.04


Long-handle mini angle grinders have an extended handle for ease of use and greater control over the work. These angle grinders have a larger body and higher power than other mini angle grinders and show more robust performance in different working conditions.

These power tools can undertake various projects, from cutting to removing excess materials off a surface. If you are cutting and grinding metal or different stones daily, you will find the Ronix 3160 Long Handle Mini Angle Grinder extremely useful.

It features a high-efficient 1400W motor that delivers 0 to 9000 RPM no-load speed to rotate the M14 115mm cutting wheel. Besides its power, the body of this mini angle grinder is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue, especially if you want to work with this tool continuously.

Its long handle and the dimmer switch make any operations possible, like heavy-duty tasks and delicate applications. Different usages are expected from a power tool like 3160, including cutting, grinding, and polishing at repairing garages, construction sites, mining industries, metal fabrication shops, carpentry, etc.

Ronix 3160 mini angle grinder, despite its lightweight 3.2kg body design, powerful motor, and industrial gearbox, is an ideal choice for long-term and high-pressure industrial and domestic activities.

Detailed Description

Ronix 3160 Mini Angle Grinder has proved itself as a top-notch power tool of its kind. With its reasonable price and superior quality, the 3160 is a competitive advantage for anyone who needs an angle grinder at job sites.

Ronix 3160 long handle mini angle grinder: elongated and ergonomic body
Scroll down to review the technical specifications of the Ronix 3160 mini angle grinder and get into the housing of the tool to find out what spare parts and mechanism it has.

Motor and Mechanism:
The 3160 Long Handle Mini Angle Grinder has a high-efficiency 1400W motor that can deliver up to 9000RPM of no-load speed to make precise cuts or remove excess materials off a surface. The tool’s power is provided by connecting to a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet.

The rotor, stator, and gears inside the gearbox are industrially designed for heavy-duty and high-pressure applications, which play an essential role in the motor’s lifetime.

The 6-speed dimmer adjusts the tool’s speed between 0 to 9000RPM for improved performance on various surfaces and workpieces.

Ball Bearing:
High-speed and high-quality ball bearings prevent shaft looseness.

Direct Airflow System:
Because this tool is usually used to cut or grind resistant workpieces, the motor might get hot during operation. It might impact the performance of the machine. Therefore, Ronix has designed a direct airflow system to cool down the engine and provide reliable performance.

At first, you’ll see the word “mini” in its name, but as mentioned, its extensive usage will meet anyone’s desire to work on any surface. And then, when you hold a 3.2kg Ronix 3160, you feel the ergonomic design and the comfort while operating. The aluminum housing of the gearbox, high-quality plastic included in the body housing, and the auxiliary Ronix-designed handle are all reasons for this power tool’s lighter weight and perfect balance between the parts. This combination will lead to low fatigue and more practical applications too.

The ergonomic anti-vibration handle attached to the body is the most comfortable part of our Ronix 3160 Mini Angle Grinder, which is impeccably designed to meet the operator’s needs completely.

Cutting Wheel:
The Ronix 3160 works with an easy and fast-changing mechanism with a 115mm cutting wheel. It is equipped with a disc guard to protect the user while working. The quick change of disc guard lets the users use this mini angle grinder at different angles and working positions. The cutting wheel is attached to an M14 spindle on the mini angle grinder

Many professionals struggle with dust at their job sites daily. Sometimes, the dust present at construction sites damages power tools by penetrating the inside parts of these tools. To avoid this problem and ensure durability, the Ronix 3160 Mini Angle Grinder is equipped with an anti-dust switch to prevent dust from getting into the device.

Locking Pin System:
You need different wheels to do a wide range of tasks with a mini angle grinder. The new locking pin system of the Ronix 3160 Long Angle Mini Angle Grinder will accelerate wheel changing with a safety mechanism. It will provide you with faster and safer cutting or grinding applications.

Carbon Brush:
The carbon brush is designed in such a way that you can change pieces of carbon as fast as possible.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 3160 long-handle mini angle grinder is supplied in a Ronix color box. The box includes an auxiliary Ronix-designed side handle, a wheel guard, a spanner, and a hex key.

Download Exploded View
Download User Manual
-High power heavy-duty 1400W motor that delivers up to 9000 RPM no-load of speed
-2 positions anti-shock ergonomic side handle which promotes easy work and perfect machine control in different range of operator movements
-Direct motor cooling system which allows higher industrial operation capabilities and protects armature
-Variable speed setting regulates the speed to adapt
to the operator's needs
-Easy and fast carbon brush changing mechanism
-New locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch which reduces dust penetration, especially in construction usages


Frequency 50-60 HZ
Supplied in Ronix color box
No Loads of Speed 9000rpm
Model 3160
Spindle Size M14
Power 1400W
Weight .2kg
Wheel Diameter 15/125mm
Voltage 220-240V
Includes Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Ronix wheel guard,Spanner,Hex key

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