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550W-16mm, electric drill press, RONIX 2604

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If you’re asking, why use a drill press instead of a drill? You need to know that a drill press is more considerable in weight and height and more accurate than hand-held drills. Due to its adjustable table, it can drill at precise angles to the workpiece.

The Ronix 2604 Drill Press has a 550W motor with 16-speed settings and overload protection to prevent motor damage. Offering 16 pulley speeds for drilling into wood or metal makes the Ronix 2604 drill press a versatile and practical tool for operators.

The tool’s wide, heavy-duty feed handles provide increased leverage and control over the tool. The chuck includes a 3mm to 16mm adjustable keyed chuck for increased bit capacity. This chuck size is ideal for all applications.

There is also a rack and pinion adjustable table for easy and accurate height adjustment and 0-45° (L&R) tilt capability for angled drilling. To reinforce the body of this drill, the working table and base are made of iron cast.

The operator’s safety for the chuck is provided by a guard, which allows the user to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Detailed Description

Ronix 2604 drill press is a professional tool for woodworking workshops and industrial uses. With its 16-speed motor function, this drill press gives a different experience to the user.

Ronix 2604 Drill Press: Highest Precise of a Drill Press!
You need to consider some points before buying a high-quality drill press. In the following, we give you a detailed description of the Ronix 2604 drill press.

Motor and Mechanism:
A 550W motor with a 220-240 voltage and a 50-60Hz frequency powers this high-performance drill press. This powerful motor with 16-speed settings provides optimal performance in various applications, such as wood and metal. The motor can deliver 180-2770 rotations per minute speed range.

Body and Switches:
The large, heavy-duty feed handles of the Ronix 2604 drill press help increase leverage and maximum control and comfort. Its rack and pinion adjustable cast iron working table (250*250mm) allows for easy and accurate height adjustment and includes a 0-45° (left & right) tilt ability for angled drilling. Because of its cast aluminum belt pulley, the tool works as efficiently and silently as possible. A front emergency switch can turn off the tool in an emergency. The base size is 420*250mm. The tool features a column to support the table with a diameter of 72mm.

The adjustable keyed chuck capacity on the Ronix 2604 drill press is between 3 – 16mm for a greater bit capacity. With this keyed chuck, the drill press has a 35mm drill capacity in wood, a 16mm drill capacity in steel, and a 25mm drill capacity in plastic. The drill is equipped with a chuck guard for more protection and safety.

A spindle holds the drill’s chuck to hold the cutting tools. The spindle travel on the Ronix 2604 is 80mm, and it features 16 classes of speed. Also, the spindle taper is of MT2. The distance from the spindle axis to the column is 162.5mm. The distance from the spindle end to the table’s surface is 450mm. The distance from the spindle end to the surface of the base is 630mm.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 2604 16-speed drill press is supplied in a Ronix color box and includes various pieces, such as a base, a 4” bench vice, a chuck and chuck key, a pulley cover tip and nut, a handle, working table, a column, and a chuck guard, a crank, a collar back, and a rack.
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-16 pulley speeds for drilling in to wood or metal
- Large, heavy-duty feed handles for increased leverage and maximum control
- 3 – 16mm adjustable keyed chuck for greater bit capacity
- Rack and pinion table for easy and accurate height adjustment includes with 0-45˚(L&R) tilt ability for angled drilling
-Cast Aluminum belt Pulley
-Cast iron working tableAnd base
-Front Emergency Switch
-4'' Bench vise


Model 2604
Power 550W
Chuck Capacity 3-16mm
Voltage 220-240V
Drill Capacity wood 35mm
Frequency 50-60Hz
Drill Capacity steel 16mm
Drill Capacity Plastic 25mm
Spindle Travel 80mm
Class of Speed 16
Speed 180-2770RPM
Spindle Taper MT2
Distance from Spindle Axis to the Column 162.5mm
Distance from Spindle End to the Surface of Table 450mm
Distance from Spindle End to the Surface of Base 630mm
Swing 325mm
Table Size 250*250
Base Size 250*420
Column Diameter 72mm
Height 980mm
Weight 39Kg
Base, Bench vice, Chuck and chuck key, Pulley cover tip and nut, Handle, working table, Column, Chuck guard, Crank, Collar back, Rack
Supplied In Ronix color box

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