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30 ml, hemp extract, CBD, CBN, Melatonin, CBNight FORMULA PLUS, Enecta

€ 28.00


Say goodbye to insomnia and sleepless nights with CBNight Formula Plus. This natural formula helps you get a good night's rest.

This new synergistic formula, designed to improve the quality of life for those who experience insomnia and intermittent sleep as a disabling condition, contains CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabinol) and melatonin.

It is a blend formulated to support the induction and maintenance of sleep, tapping into a high percentage of non-psychotropic cannabinoids and their acting in synergy with melatonin on pre-existing physiological processes.

The entourage effect of CBD and CBN working together is amplified by the high percentage of cannabinoids in this formula, which is complemented by melatonin, also known as the 'sleep hormone' for its regulatory function.

CBNight Formula Plus can be very useful for those suffering from chronic insomnia, night-time panic attacks with frequent and agitated awakenings. It can significantly improve the sleep-wake cycle and can also be used extemporaneously, for example to avoid the effects of jet lag after a long journey.

CBNight Formula Plus is ideal for treating major sleep disorders.

The high proportion of CBD and CBN ensures a calming and relaxing effect. Added to this blend is melatonin, which naturally restores the sleep-wake cycle.

CBNight Plus:

effectively counteracts chronic insomnia
prevents the effects of jet lag or traumatic events that disrupt the sleep-wake cycle
reduces the time needed to fall asleep
avoids nocturnal awakenings
reduces anxiety, the basis of insomnia
reduces waking-up stress
synchronises the circadian rhythm

Our CBNight Formula Plus contains (per 1ml) 0.3 mg of melatonin, 8.33 mg of CBN and the same amount of CBD. Compared to the light formula, this oil has a higher concentration of cannabinoids.

As a result, in addition to promoting and maintaining sleep, CBNight Formula Plus is characterised by the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBN and can help alleviate anxiety.

CBN is characterised by antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, which it shares with melatonin and CBD. Lastly, the presence of CBD makes CBNight a valuable support against chronic pain.

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