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No spill jerrycan gasoline and diesel 10L

€ 49.09 + € 10.00 DELIVERY


Available from Moto Garage Malta, Siggiewi

With the no spill jerrycan you can easily fill the tank of your vehicle or machine without any spillage.
With the green button and the handy pouring system, u can work extremely accurately.
When the tank is full or the liquid hits the spout, the flow stops automatically.
Furthermore, this jerrycan has a solid design, high flow rate and is provided with white stripes on the front and back to determine the amount of liquid in it.
Often, the yellow jerrycan is used for diesel and the red for gasoline so that they won’t get mixed up. All jerrycans are suited for both gasoline and diesel.

– Content = 2.5 gallon / 10L
– Liquid = gasoline and diesel

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