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750GR, LÁZARO POWDER, Peruvian Maca with Huanarpo Macho

€ 42.00


- Powerful natural energizer - Increases testosterone naturally

- Increases muscle mass, powerful pre-workout

- Improves physical and mental performance, keeps you focused all day

- Increases performance and male sexual desire.

- Natural treatment for problems of ejaculation, precocity and erectile dysfunction.

- Improves prostate problems.

- Strengthens the immune system.

Composition: Black Maca with Huanarpo Macho in gelatinized powder, 100% natural, without chemicals or additives.

Certifications: DIGESA

Recommended Dose: 01 measuring spoon (included) diluted in juices, smoothies, proteins in the morning with breakfast or 30 minutes before training

Our gelatinized black maca powder with male huanarpo 'Lázaro Powder' is also a proven male sexual enhancer, enjoy naturally and please your partner, feel safe without risking your health with chemical products and increase your defenses.

About the Brand - Nutracen Maca is a Peruvian brand, produced by Sumacc Foods EIRL, since 2018, a company specialized in the manufacture, development and export of natural products based on maca, aguaje and huanarpo macho, it has different certifications as FDA and Peru Brand (official).

- Nutracen Maca, our products strengthen your immune system from the first intake, improve your personal performance on all levels day by day and 100% natural, without chemicals.

We use the best macas from the Bombom Plateau in Junín and Pasco, to achieve the best quality and now we have added aguaje and huanarpo macho, recognized Peruvian products, which offer you extra vitality and energy.

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