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WiFi, industrial endoscope, camera + 2.4' Screen, 50mt cable, Andowl Q-NK50

€ 99.00


This innovative, professional, rechargeable endoscope, with the quality guarantee of Andowl®, is an accessory that no professional should miss!With a large 2.4inch HD color screen, it will help you reach and have a crystal clear image in difficult, dark spots.

The only one with 3x Zoom function, so you can see even the smallest detail.It gives you real broadcast image, but also the ability to take very high quality photos and videos.

Equipped with two cameras
The tip of the endoscope is equipped with two cameras & two light sources so that you can see clearly even in zero light conditions.

LED Brightness Adjustable
It is equipped with a set of 8 LEDs whose brightness you can adjust to adjust according to your needs at that moment.

Waterproof, durable construction!
Its construction is waterproof and very durable to help it withstand drops and other adverse conditions inside business areas.

Long battery life!
Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of non-stop operation!Very simple to useJust turn on the device and it will instantly broadcast images from the cameras to the screen.

No installation needed.
On the end of the endoscope you will find a slot for TF Card up to 32GB. So you'll be able to record and keep a file of the footage you're shooting.

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