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Dimmable, electronic ballast, CT600 *Airontek*



New controllable and dimmable electronic ballast - CT600

POWER & CONTROL for grow MH and HPS lamps • Control Technology - RJ11 0-10v cable
• Soft Start function - extends the life of your lamp
• High Frequency - Works perfectly with HPS and MH lamps
• Full Protection - External breaker system

Protects against power surges Digital Ballast dimmable 250w or 400w or 600w or Super Lumens, of the latest generation, thanks to which you can use lamps with different wattages attached to the same power supply.

You have a cable to connect to the controller and it allows you to turn on all types of HPS, MH and AGRO lamps.

Airontek Digital Ballast also allows you to adjust the power, you can set it to 250w or 400w or 600w and even in Super Lumen (660w) a further increase in wattage of 10%; thanks to this flexibility it can accompany your plant in all phases from growth to flowering.

Rated V IN: 220/240v 50-60Hz Input Current: 2.96A - 230v Input Current Max: 3.7A Max Power: 680w
Power Factor: > 0.99 THD: < 8% Lamp: 250w, 400w and 600w HPS or MH

Dimming: 250w - 400w - 600w - 660w
Output Voltage: 100v - 160v Output Frequency: < 60Hz Lamp CCF: < 1.7 Voltage open Circuit: 400w

Ignition Voltage: < 4kv Efficiency: > 94% Environment Temperature: 35°C
Environment Humidity without condensation: 90% P51

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