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Unique resin and wood clock - 100% handmade! LAVA EFFECT

€ 200 + € 70.00 DELIVERY


Unique wall clock made of walnut and epoxy resin. 100% handmade ! Lava effect!

We used high quality materials:

* premium epoxy resin

* beautifully stained walnut wood

* silent clock mechanism

* high quality pigments

* diameter 38cm; depth 2cm

Part of the clock's sufrace made of wood is covered with hard wax ( matt), and the resin part is finished with a high-gloss varnish.
Also the resin used to produce the clock is blue ( different shades and lava effect).
The clock is really beautiful and made with careful attention to details.
It's an astonishing piece of art .

You can choose your own version of the clock (huge variety of colours and pigments).
If you have an idea to make such a clock, do not hesitate to contact us :)
We are here for you!


Sleeping Nature Studio

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