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Popcorn Hour VTEN 4K Media streamer

€ 180

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DVDs & Movies


The Popcorn Hour VTEN media player is the latest in the range of Popcorn Hour, this player is very advanced and user-friendly. The VTEN features the latest Sigma chipset and offers support for playback of 4K / UHD and 3D content. Popcorn Hour is known to be able to play any media file format, in the highest possible quality, all in a nicely designed passively cooled enclosure.

The Popcorn Hour VTEN features 1GB DDR3 memory and combined with the Sigma Designs SMP8757 ARM Cortex A9 chip it makes this media player one of the most powerful of its kind. To connect the VTEN to your television and/or audio system does the player offer an HDMI port, optical output and a coaxial output. All files can easily be played via 2 USB ports, one eSATA port and a SD card reader on the VTEN. In addition, the VTEN also has a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

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