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Soda Blasting of Houses/Villas/House of Character

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Business & Industrial


Industrial & Domestic Professional Mobile Dustless Soda blasting Services for House / Farmhouse / Villa / Flat / Houses of Character / Town House / Garage / Pavement / Back yard / Staircase / House front / Roof / Walls / Floor / Tiles / Balcony's / Beams / Swimming Pool / Wooden doors / Garage doors / etc....

Removal of:

Paint, Rust, Corrosion, Hardmetal, Stoneguard, Underseal, Powder coating, Antifouling, Release residues, Carbon, Soils, Oil, Grease,Tar, Dirt, Urban grime, Coatings, Tarnish, Corrosion, Lime scale, Stain, Fire damage. FOR THE BEST FINE FINISHING & REASONABLE PRICES.

Over 20 Years Of Experience.

Our Services are also Applicable for :

-Marine & Offshore Cleaning- (anti-foul removal, alloy and steel, coatings removal and surface preparation of steel work, pipes and machinery.)

-Architectural Cleaning- (cleaning of brick, stone, concrete, timber, glass, plastic, graffiti removal off any surface and for cleaning of fire damage & swimming pools.)

-Industrial Cleaning- ( Clean or depainting of storage tanks, piping, motors, pumps and around rotating equipment, no pitting / peening on metal/alloy surfaces.)

-Automotive- (For stripping of vehicle body shells/restoration/body parts & mechanical parts, trailers,removal of paint & rust with no distortion providing a fine etch ready for repaint.)

We also offer Spray painting and Galvanizing if required by customer.

Contact for more information and free Quotations on site.

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