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GPS HIRE - Garmin / Tom Tom (2018 Maps)

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GPS Rental / GPS Kiri / To Let / Lease

The device will contain the latest detailed maps of where you are going, which includes Speed Cameras and Points of interests.

You will NOT be given a cheap chinese device operating with IGO!!!

You can choose from Tom Tom or Garmin, if both will be available.

I will tell you how to use the device although it is pretty simple to operate.

Necassry accessories will be provided (Wind screen mount, charger, cover)

Waterproof cover and motorcycle mount can also be provided on request.

Rates :
First 1-7 days - €20
over 7 days - €3.50 per day

Example : Rent for 8 days will cost €23.50

You will be given the device 1 day for free before the specified renting dates, so you can set up the device as you wish.

A deposit should be made before the device is given to you.

Contact me through maltapark messages if you like or on 99190016

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