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2000W-250mm-4800RPM, electric table saw, steel, RONIX 5603

€ 300.58


If you are dealing with raw wood, logs, chipboard, or MDF, the table saw is the simplest choice. You can make longitudinal and cross cuts of the desired pieces easily with the help of the table saw. The precision cutting and powerful motor of the Ronix 5603 table saw allow users to make all kinds of cuts without any mistakes and at the highest possible speed. By following the necessary instructions for working with this device, you can make very precise cuts in a very short time and with a minimum of energy.

Detailed Description

This table saw, Ronix 5603, is the latest version of this type of machine, it is robust, and suitable for transport, especially with its rugged construction.

Ronix 5603, 2000W Electric Table Saw:
Given the technical characteristics and the in-line performance, we are on the side of the consumers and recommend this model. We can see that this product offers one of the best values for money on the market. An opportunity not to be missed, especially when you consider its excellent performance and versatility! Here is everything you need to know about the Ronix 5603 electric table saw.

Motor and Mechanism:
Treat yourself to a rugged, maintenance-free electric motor! With the Ronix 5603 electric table saw you can cut any material you want, whether it's thin or wide! Reliable and durable, its 2000W motor is powerful without exposing the user to excessive vibration. This Ronix table saw can go up to 4800 RPM!

Cutting blade:
Ronix 5603 has a blade with an outer diameter of 250 mm, an inner hole diameter of 30 mm, and a segment thickness of 2.8 mm. Its maximum cutting capacity is 85 mm at an angle of 0° and 53 mm at an angle of 45°; the blade can be enclosed under the table to protect it during transport.

Body and switches:
It is very easy to use Ronix 5603 anywhere. It can be moved easily and it weighs only 20kg. It is equipped with handles. The table is an ergonomic work support with extensions. In addition to the large on/off switch the 5603 is made from high-quality materials that ensure a precise cut at different angles and in different applications. Above all, an efficient dust collection system is designed for this unit to ensure clean operation.

Safety Guard:
The transparent blade guard allows the user to see the workpiece. This blade guard has a new design and, thanks to the possibility of adjusting it on both sides, it allows different cutting functions to be performed easily.

Among the specific features of this table saw, we can also mention the possibility of cutting bulky materials thanks to a large working area.
The table size of 546 x 630mm is largely satisfactory with a pulling extension table of 190x630mm. The table is precisely and smoothly manufactured from steel. The steel-machined table top remains flat and straight for accurate cuts.

Accessories and Packaging:
The Ronix 5603 comes in a Ronix-designed color box and includes a saw blade, an angle ruler, a guide ruler, three spanners, and a push rod.

-Powerful 2000W motor delivers 4800 RPM for maximum productivity and top performances in different functions
-Made from high quality material which secures precise cutting in different angles and applications
-Adjustable dual side guards with new design, facilitates cutting in different functions
-Efficient dust collection system enables clean operation
-Large on and off Switch
-Saw blade enclosed underneath the table to protect the blade during transport
-New guard design allows the operator to view the blade as it contacts the material
- Steel, precision machined table top remains flat and true for accurate cuts


Model 5603
Power 2000 W
Voltage 220~240V
Frequency 50Hz
No load speed 4800 RPM
Cutting Disc Diameter 250mm
Tilt Range 0° To 45°
Blade Size φ250xφ30x2.8mm
Max Cutting Capacity "0°: 85mm: 45° , 53mm"
Table Size 546x630mm
Pulling extension table 190x630mm
Table material steel
Total Length(mm) 920mm(work table)
Weight 20 kg
Supplied in Ronix color box
Includes Saw blade 1pc; wrench 3pcs; angle ruler 1set; guide ruler 1set; push rod 1pc

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