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1500W, single hob, hot plate, on-counter hob, silver, ROYALTYLINE HP-18202

€ 29.95


ROYALTYLINE HP-18202 1*Hob Hotplate On-Counter Hob, 1500W, Silver

Cast iron, perfect cooking solution, multifunctional
The ultimate must-have kitchen accessory, the Royalty Line electric hob (or table top hob) is perfect for those who have limited kitchen space or do not have a conventional stove due to renovation or furnishing. This 1500W hob has durable, high-quality cast iron heating elements for fast and long-lasting heating.

Thermostatically adjustable temperature
Make heating much easier – With thermostatic control from simmer to boil, heating has never been easier.

Compact & portable, non-slip rubber feet
This cooktop is not only compact for easy storage, but also portable. We created this hob with safety and convenience in mind – The feet of this single hob are non-slip.

Overheating protection, indicator light
This safety function prevents danger when the temperature of the hob becomes too high. The indicator light will turn off immediately and when the temperature returns to normal, it will turn on again and heating will resume.

Alternative instructions for use
The highly versatile cast iron hob with multiple cooking functions is ideal for camping, holiday homes, parties, events, student houses or as an additional appliance in a busy kitchen. Use it for reheating, boiling, boiling, roasting, simmering and much more.


Type: On-Counter
Hob: 1
Power: 1500 W
Cord length: 1 m
Weight: 1.15 Kg
Colour: Silver

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