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Dehumidifier with heating function, 35 litres / day

€ 180


AKTOBIS WDH-735EBH-30R professional-grade building dryer and dehumidifier, 35 litres / day, with heating function

Wet cellar? Building drying? Flood? Pipe breakage? Wet room? Wet walls? Mould?
Dehumidifier WDH-735EBH-30R with a dehumidification capacity up to max. 35 litres/day!
Power 500W (dehumidification), 1250W (heating)
Equipped with a highly efficient rotation compressor.
This very innovative dehumidifier with modern technology impresses with its high quality and good performance ratio and easy handling. The dehumidifier is highly efficient, because it can be used depending on room temperature, moisture penetration and personal target moisture value even for large rooms!
Display with current temperature, timer set, current humidity, set humidity, etc.
Electric humidistat for regulating and adjusting the desired humidity in 5% increments from 30% to 90%
Two ventilation fans/air circulation levels
Air filter
Timer function
Auto-stop with full condensation tank: warning light, removable condenser tank
Connection option of a hose for continuous drain of the condensate
Operating range 5°C - 35°C
Automatic defrosting function
Very easy mobility thanks to carry handle and 4 solid turning wheels
Completely maintenance-free, no separate or re-coolant is needed (closed circuit)
Modern design and washable
The device is ready to use immediately (no installation or assembly required)

Examples of use:
Building dryer: Ideal for quick drying of plaster, screed etc.
Cellar moisture: Ideal for damp cellars. Prevents / eliminates odour, mould formation, the decomposition of masonry and much more.
Damage Elimination: After flood water or after damage caused by other water, these devices are ideal for drying.
Climate Control: In the bathroom, conservatory, garden shed, laundry room, garage, bedroom, office, boat and for use at work and hobby, etc.

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