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X4-Life Ionic Air Purifier

€ 28.00


X4-Life Ionic Air Purifier L-IL 1003, ideal for living areas and bedrooms:

The air purifier produces negative ions which absorb and eliminate small, positively charged particles such as dust, pollen, pollutants and odorants (e.g., cigarette smoke) from the ambient air.

In addition, the integrated UV-C lamp effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses from the ambient air.

Thus, clean and fresh air evolves.

Ideal for
• Rooms from 30-45 m2 with poor air quality
• Allergy sufferers

• Easy to clean
• Energy-saving
• Without filter

Technical data
• Dimensions 145x470x170mm
• Operating voltage 230V
• Consumption 13W
• Weight 1.6kg

With separate mains cable with mains adapter and operating manual

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