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Eelhoe €2

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Blackhead nose patch.10pcs.clean skin,removed blackheads,purify pores.

Product name: eelhoe blackhead nose patch.

Ingredients: bamboo charcoal,melaleuca alterniflora(tea tree)leaf extract,aloe barbadensis leaf extract,north american witch hazel extract,peg-12 allyl ether,peg-12,allantoin,etc.

Product description: gentle and effective remove blackheads,whiteheads,cuticles,
Fine pores,clean dirt,balance oil,effectively improve clogged pores,soothe the skin,and make the skin clean and smooth.


1.clean your face with facial cleanser first.

2.wet your nose area with warm water.

3.dry your hands,tear off the product film.

4.pressing it tightly so that it fully contacts the skin.

5.wait for 10-15 minutes,then slowly tear it off,and finally wash the skin with water.

Warning: please clean your hands before use to ensure the best results from the products.discontinue use if signs of irritation or rush occur.

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