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A large bottle full of hair smoothing essence. Light hair fragrance essence emulsion. Net: 100ml.

Caution: the product is external use only,not for oral use.

Peoduct name: smoothing nourishing hair serum.

Ingredients: water,rosemary leaf, aloe vera extract,propylene glycol,coconut oil,hyaluronic acid.

Usage method:

1.leave the hair dry or dry it after shampooing

2.take an appropriate amount of hair care essence and apply it evenly on the hair.

3.dry it with a hair dryer,then comb it with a comb.


1.intensive care while reparing strands of hair with noticable splits ends and hair breakage.suitable for dry,unruly and dull hair.

2.lightweight,non-sticky and easy to absorb,smooth frizz. is easy to apply without rinsing.effectively removes oil,nourishes and repairs damaged hair,and is smooth after use,with a pleasant fragrance.

Warning: discontinue use if signs of irritation or rush occur.

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