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Cimbali Junior Coffee Machine

€ 600


Cimbali Junior Coffee Machine, this is the rare tank version does not need to be plumed in. Alawys used with RO water can guarantee no scale buildup in the stainless steel boiler.

Very good condition with all required accessories

Can be seen working/inspected prior buying.

The tagline for the La Cimbali Junior S1 might as well be, “made to last.” With its tough stainless steel shell, this compact espresso machine was built to withstand the test of time. It’s not just its exterior that’s durable, though – it’s also the interior

La Cimbali Juniors have amazing and unique set of features not available on any other machine:

- Manual fill (great for descaling)
- Sight glass (not available on newer machines)
- Ulka pump (very inexpensive to replace if you ever need to replace it) with very effective mounts that make this machine very, very quiet
- Stainless steel water reservoir (not plastic like in all other pour over machines)
- Drip tray is plumbable
- Huge cup holder capable of storing 20 espresso cups
- Built with ease of service in mind: takes 10 seconds to remove dispersion screen; by far the easiest to replace the head gasket (you don't have to pry it like in other machines since the whole group drops down after you remove three screws); side panels are removed in matter of seconds, just undo one screw on each side.

This is by far the best heat exchange home friendly espresso machine on the market.

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