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NEW Barbie 40 Doll Dream House Toy Box & Playmat

€ 25.00


PLAY AND STORE your Barbie dolls and their accessories with this fashionable mansion that doubles as a storage bin and holds up to 40 Barbie dolls or plenty of outfits and accessories.

BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED ‘Fashionista’ play mat, bright and bold in Barbie’s favorite colors, perfect for solitary or companion play.

COMPACT AND EXPANDABLE toy box measures 12 inches by 12-inches, by 12 inches or opens to a 36 by 36 inch play mat with secure lid.

GREAT FOR TRAVEL with sturdy handles and easily-cleaned material, Barbie and friends can travel in fashion and comfort.


Holds up to 40 Barbie dolls – or fewer dolls and lots of accessories
Is both a storage container or a diorama or flat surface for creative play
Has a sturdy lid and side handles
Made from highest-quality, durable, easily-cleaned materials
Tested to the most stringent quality and safety standard.

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