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Mazda Demio /CX-3 floor mats



Producer: FROGUM



The Proline series provides a completely new level of design, travel comfort and everyday use. You will not find it among other models of car mats.

The use of the latest production technology in conjunction with innovative vehicle interior measurements makes the car mats of the Polish manufacturer Frogum one of the world's leading products of this type.

Why choose Proline car mats?

Designed from the ground up to ensure the highest level of user experience, Proline car mats offer an unprecedented range of benefits:

● The highest quality and abrasion resistance - the use of the latest generation plastics - plastic elastomer (TPE) - makes Proline car mats offer the highest durability on the market. Moreover, they retain their flexibility also at low temperatures.

● Perfect adaptation to the shape of your car's floor - thanks to the use of innovative technology of scanning the interior of vehicles, Proline car mats are made to measure - fully fitted.

● The combination of modern design and maximum comfort of use - Proline car mats, designed according to the latest design trends, perfectly match the interiors of all types of vehicles. The highest side edges on the market, up to 7 cm high , keep the dirt inside the rug.

● Safety and stability - Proline car mats are equipped with a set of stoppers matching the original mountings in your car. They provide the highest level of stability. Made of ecological materials, they are extremely easy to clean and do not emit any unpleasant odors.

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