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Boston acoustics digital theatre 6000

€ 50.00


The Boston Acoustics Digital Theater 6000 is a complete, powered 5.1-channel speaker package with two analog and two digital audio inputs, and a center speaker that houses a Dolby Digital decoder. Moreover, because the power section uses separate amplifiers for each speaker, all you'll need is a DVD player and a TV to start rocking full home theater sound.The center speaker also features an infrared port for remote control reception, and its LCD (liquid crystal display) indicates system volume level. The powered sub woofer delivers its kick via a 6.5-inch driver in a dual-chamber band pass enclosure. The four satellite speakers can easily be mounted on the wall. Or, if you prefer, their rubber feet allow for stand mounting without marring the surfaces. In addition, all of the speaker cabinets are magnetically shielded to prevent discoloration of your TV screen.There are very few packaged home theater audio systems that are as well-integrated as the Digital Theater 6000, especially at such a low price.

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