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Electronic ballast, soft start function, extends the life of your lamp *Airontek 600 - ECO600*



New electronic ballast Airontek 600 - ECO600 • Soft Start function - extends the life of your lamp

• High Frequency - Works perfectly with HPS and MH lamps
• Full Protection - External breaker system Protects against power surges.

Electronic ballasts are more efficient and quieter than traditional electromagnetic ballasts. They also emit less heat and are much less traumatic in lighting HPS bulbs, with the result of extending their useful life.

While a traditional ballast requires a starting point of 680/700Watts to light a 600 Watts HPS bulb, with an electronic ballast 600/620 Watts are sufficient.

Furthermore, traditional ballasts, when they turn on the bulb, are already at full power and these repeated electric shocks considerably reduce their lifespan and PAR output. Electronic ballasts turn on by sending a low level of power to the bulb and slowly increase it. In a few minutes they make the bulb reach full power without trauma.

This procedure is called SOFT STARTING and serves to minimize damage to the bulb by extending its "PAR life", ie the period in which the ratio between consumption and PAR emission (light actually used by the plant) is at its maximum efficiency.

After one year of use, the PAR emission coming from an electronic ballast is reduced by 20-25% while on a traditional ballast it will have undergone a decay of about 50-60%. The flickering (very fast fluctuation of the light emission) sometimes noticeable even with the naked eye, which occurs with the traditional ballast is absolutely absent with the electronic, and this also translates into greater efficiency.

Rated V IN:
- 220/240v 50-60Hz Input Current: 2.96A
- 230v Input Current Max: 3.7A Max Power: 680w Power Factor: > 0.99 THD: < 8%
Lamp: 250w, 400w and 600w HPS or MH
Dimming: 250w - 400w - 600w - 660w Output Voltage: 100v - 160v
Output Frequency: < 60Hz Lamp CCF: < 1.7 Voltage open
Circuit: 400w Ignition Voltage: < 4kv Efficiency: > 94% Environment Temperature: 35°C

Environment Humidity without condensation: 90% P51

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