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1LT, Nirvana, increased energy and plant metabolism *Advanced Nutrients*



1LT, Nirvana, increased energy and plant metabolism *Advanced Nutrients*

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients is a 100% organic all-natural flowering stimulator that will bring harmony to your growing area.

BENEFITS OF NIRVANA Organic Bloom Booster, growth enhancer
Maximize yield
It gives more value to your crop
Provides nutrients for fast cell multiplication, therefore for lush blooms
Increased energy and plant metabolism
Increases the distribution and absorption of nutrients

TYPE OF CULTIVATION: Suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coconut, bio, etc.

DOSE: During the flowering, cloning phase, when plants are under stress, use 2ml per liter during weeks 3 to 6 of the flowering phase.

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