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1LT, Flawless Finish, improves aroma and flavor of your crop *Advanced Nutrients*



1LT, Flawless Finish, improves aroma and flavor of your crop *Advanced Nutrients*

For busy and demanding hydroponic growers like you, a moment of supreme satisfaction comes when you have worked hard to bring a crop, dried and cured, and finally sit down to savor the taste and aroma of your latest flowers.

Now there is a way to increase the joy and fulfillment you feel. It's a simple but powerful process that cleanses your crops just before harvest so you get:
• Cleaner and safer crops
• Tasteful and sweeter smelling crops
• Superior quality crops perfect for the premium market

Your plants grow by absorbing compounds from nutrients, water and the atmosphere.
These compounds become part of your plant tissues. As plants age, they accumulate excess salts and other substances that reduce the quality and value of the final product. Sometimes, this buildup is visible, more often than not, it is an invisible weight that infiltrates your crops from the inside out; this insidious burden results in crops that have an offensive taste and smell.

Flawless Finish contains a wide range of ingredients known as "chelates". Chelates are like chemical "claws" that can grab onto other materials, such as individual nutrients, and bind to them. Inside your plants, from the moment of washing until the moment of harvest, your plants consume the necessary nutrients and get rid of unwanted residues.

By the time you harvest, your plants will be free of at least 85% of the stored materials they contained prior to washing.
• Your Flawless Finish crops cure better and faster, with less susceptibility to build-up diseases such as mold and mildew.
• You will notice that your crops smell better and keep a nicer appearance.
• essential oils and other resins will be preserved so that your buds are more potent.
• But the real test comes when you first taste your crops washed with Flawless Finish.
Imagine your joy when you get a sweeter, sugary taste accompanied by a lovely scent and other very powerful effects.

Dose: Use 2 mL per Liter during the last week of the bloom phase.

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