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Manual Food Milling Machine

€ 19.00


With this product you can make delicious ground meats and dishes from home - and you choose the quality and type of beef or meat that goes in it!
The product sports a heavy-duty cast-iron construction with double-tin plating to resist stains and corrosion.
Grinds .5 to 1 pound of meat per minute and comes complete with 4 grinding plates (for different size grind), and 2 sausage-stuffer tubes.

Easy grinding. This product has a self-sharpening stainless-steel knife.
Table mount can be mounted and unmounted easily in standard tabletops, counters, and board with a steady grip.
Multi-use. Make burgers, sausage, wild game, venison, minced meats, ground beef, meatloaf, meatballs, ham salad, etc.
From scratch.
With table clamp

Product Details
Primary Material: Cast Iron

Product Cleaning & Care: Hand Wash Only

Item Details

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