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Evaporating Air Cooler 7 Ltr water tank *Argo Polifemo ION*



Argo POLIFEMO ION Evaporating Air Cooler wRemote InOut-door Ionisation 7Ltr-Water-Tank

Product Description
- Versatile appliance: plug and play, no need of additional hose, fit for outdoor use
- It cools naturally, like a waterfall in the mountains, thanks to the evaporative technology
- It purifies the air thanks to a double filtration system
- It offers several options for a customized ventilation (Natural / Sleep / Smart)
- 3 speed fan (high/medium/low)
- It also regulates the humidity
- Additional “Ionization” function: helps keeping the air more fresh
- “Continuous working protection” function : automatic shutdown after continuous working for 15 hours
- “Memory” function: auto-restart after power failure, keeping last settings
- Ready to use, it is very easy to move, not requiring additional hoses
- User friendly remote control, easily storable in a special compartment
- Operation timer (1-8 hours)
- Anti-dust filter and evaporative honeycomb panel, high efficiency, easy removable for cleaning
- Removable water tank, capacty 7L
- Water pump protection system
- Convenient handle for transport

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