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Ozone Generator sanitizer of objects, boxes and small spaces



Ozone is an extremely effective disinfectant against bacteria and viruses , mold and fungi

Disinfection by tri-atomic oxygen (Ozone) occurs through the rupture of the cell wall.

This model of ozone generator is used in small spaces such as drawers, boxes, wardrobe, refrigerator etc .
It works automatically with production cycles and breaks of up to 10 hours of battery life .

The Ozone sterilizer can kill all sorts of bacteria responsible for the bad smell for fresh air indoor according to the sterilization principle of Ozone

An ozone level of 0.4 ppm for 4 minutes has been shown to kill any bacteria, virus, mold and fungus

It is safe and not produce any secondary pollution

The sterilization rate can reach 99%

The sterilizer is controlled by a microprocessor and sterilizes the surround space at regular time

recharges with usb

size 8x8 cm
ozone output 8mg/h

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