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Construction Jobs

Jobs added Yesterday
JF Services LTD
General Workers are needed to work on various construction sites whereby they will be required to do the following: • Assist technician with daily tests; • Assist drillers with setting up coring e...
Location: Birkirkara | Tel: 20691053 | Listing Ref: 68483 | Read More
Jobs added on 23/3/2017
Logistika Ltd
A responsible person is required to carry on this job. The person should have previous experience in plastering and gypsum
Location: Valletta | Tel: 21230705 | Listing Ref: 68464 | Read More
Jobs added on 22/3/2017
Kencar Company Limited
The selected person must have a clean licence. Preferably Maltese speaking. No previous experience is required. If interested please phone on 21382091 or send an e-mail.
Location: Luqa | Tel: 21382091 | Listing Ref: 68431 | Read More
Jobs added on 20/3/2017
Vical Interiors Ltd
Assistant Assembler / Installer We are looking for an Assistant Assembler / Installer to join our Team The ideal candidate preferably should be: • Meticulous and responsible • Have a can do ...
Location: Qormi | Tel: 77250773 | Listing Ref: 68341 | Read More
JLC Developers
Jenhtieg persuna li tkun kapaci tqieghed bricks/gebel.Pagi u kundizzjonijiet tajbin. Cempel 79882976
Location: San Gwann | Tel: 79882976 | Listing Ref: 68354 | Read More
Jobs added on 17/3/2017
ACE Gypsum
We want a helper for gypsum work. If one has experience on this kind of job is an advantage.
Location: San Pawl il-Bahar | Tel: 99636951 | Listing Ref: 68312 | Read More
Mehtieg persuna biex tkisser il-kmamar tal-banju. Hinijiet ta' xoghol mit-tnejn sal-gimgha mis- 7:00am sa 3:30pm. Licenzja ta' sewqan u ta trakk mehtiega. Cemplu fuq in-numru tal-mobile biex tapplik...
Location: Birkirkara | Tel: 99497175 | Listing Ref: 68291 | Read More
Engenuity Ltd
We are currently looking for Labourers/ Skilled Labourers to join our team. The selected candidate will be either assisting a technician or an installer/technician during his duty and may also be inst...
Location: Qormi | Tel: 21 490957 | Listing Ref: 68299 | Read More
The full-time handy person will be responsible to carry out basic day to day jobs related to plastering, plumbing and electrical work. A driving license is an asset.
Location: Swieqi | Tel: 21370463 | Listing Ref: 68318 | Read More
K .Azzopardi construction
Jinhtieg xufier ta mobile crane bl - esperjenza pagi u kundizjojonijiet tajbin.
Location: Gharghur | Tel: 99803542 /99423104 | Listing Ref: 68313 | Read More
Jobs added on 16/3/2017
Grima Concrete Suppliers LTD
Building main framework for concrete.
Location: Zebbug (Malta) | Tel: 99992823 | Listing Ref: 68273 | Read More
Key Contractors
Professional Contracting Company seeking Painters/ Plasterers to join our team; Requirements: - Able to work on own initiative - Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines - English/Malte...
Location: Marsa | Tel: 99780061 | Listing Ref: 68282 | Read More
Jobs added on 15/3/2017
Ici Limited
Prepare the work, for instance determine the required materials (quantity, size, etc.). Cut and saw steel bars as detail requires. Bend steel bars as detail requires. Assemble steel bars or steel m...
Location: Birkirkara | Tel: 27017144 | Listing Ref: 68248 | Read More
JF Services are looking for qualified and experienced Marine Service Technicians for one of its clients. Reporting to the Division Manager, the successful candidates will enhance quality of service...
Location: Birkirkara | Tel: 20691053 | Listing Ref: 68262 | Read More
Jobs added on 14/3/2017
Fiteni Finishing Contractor
Need persons in finishing works.Experience needed in painting, plastering and gypsum works. Contact FFC
Location: Zabbar | Tel: 99491796 | Listing Ref: 68230 | Read More
Jobs added on 13/3/2017
Emanuel Baldacchino & Co. Ltd
Nihtiegu xufiera b' licenzja C sabiex isuqu vannijiet / trakkijiet u jghatu ghajnuna addizzjonali relata. Cemplu fuq 79730366 ------------------------------------------------------ We requir...
Location: Naxxar | Tel: 27020889 / 79730366 | Listing Ref: 68188 | Read More
Dano constructions
Jehtiegu nies bill fattura, xoghol u prezzijiet tajbin. Jehtiegu ukoll nies ta' sengha b'paga u kundizzjonijiet tajbin.
Location: Zurrieq | Tel: 99840445 | Listing Ref: 68172 | Read More
Jobs added on 11/3/2017
C&M Plastering
Persons needed to install gypsum and helping gypsum installers and plasterers with experience and English speaking due to company expansion.
Location: Naxxar | Tel: 79863253 | Listing Ref: 68160 | Read More
Jobs added on 10/3/2017
Petrullo Construction Ltd:
Location: San Pawl il-Bahar | Tel: 27337527 | Listing Ref: 68138 | Read More