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Car Box Trailers

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These trailers are ideal for camping, farming, leisure, DIY and other needs.
They are made of fully galvanized steel finished with tüv homologation, complete with new 6 function lights,
including break lights and fog lights, along with a tipping latch system and bumper bars for extra protection.
An extensive range of extra accessories is also available, such as hunting kits,
ABS lockable cover (flat covers, side extenders, cover loading bars), spare wheels, etc.
These trailers provide vertical storage = space saving, and include built-in, double sided,
removable and reinforced front and rear panels. They come in various sizes and several models are available,
all in total and full compliance with the EEC regulations and up to European Standards.
Trailers such as these are more practical, safer, longer lasting, more ecological and even more innovative.
Life for me has never been any easier, and it’s either camping, sports or DIY every weekend! Contact Sole Agents. Alldecor Supplies Mob 99471427, Tel 21332640

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