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Yamaha P7000S Power Amplifer

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Features and Specs
Number of Channels 2
Power Class AB
Watts per channel 8 ohms 700
Watts per channel 4 ohms 950
Watts per channel 2 ohms 1600
Watts bridged 1900
Fan cooled Y
Filters HP/LP
Rack spaces 2
Height (inches) 3-7/16
Depth (inches) 17-15/16
Width (inches) 18-7/8
Weight 26.5 lbs
RCA ---
1/4" 2
1/4" 2
Binding post 4
Spring post ---
Product Research
P-Series Power Amplifier: The Yamaha P-Series P7000S power amplifier delivers solid, professional-quality power in a wide range of configurations designed to suit a variety of applications. The unit offers three operating modes - Stereo (700W x 2ch in 8Ω or 950W x 2ch in 4Ω), Parallel (700W x 2ch in 8Ω or 950W x 2ch in 4Ω), and Bridge (1900W x 1ch in 8Ω).

Stereo: In Stereo mode, Channels A and B operate independently (as with a conventional stereo amplifier). The Channel A input goes to the Channel A output jacks, and the Channel B input goes to the Channel B output jacks.
Parallel: In Parallel mode, the unit outputs a mono source through twin amplifier systems. The Channel A input signal is output through both the Channel
A and Channel B output jacks. The Channel B input jacks do not function. Channel A and B volumes can be independently adjusted.
Bridge: In Bridge mode, the unit operates as a single high-power amp. The Channel A input signal is output from the Bridge output jacks. To adjust the volume, you must use the Channel A volume control knob.
Note: The amplifiers two output channels have independent volume controls (31-step) located on the front-panel.
Inputs/Outputs: To provide the most versatile connectivity possible, The P7000S is equipped with Neutrik Speakon output jacks and 1/4" output jacks for each channel, in addition to 5-way binding posts. Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS phone jacks are provided for channel inputs A-B.

High-Pass & Low-Pass Filters: The Yamaha P7000S is equipped with independent high-pass and low-pass filters on each channel, so you can optimize the output for a subwoofer or full range system. The high-pass and low-pass filters are variable (25-150Hz).

Perfect Match for Yamaha Club Series Speakers: Yamaha's audio engineers have specifically designed the new P-S Series power amplifiers to be perfect companions to the popular Club Series loudspeakers. To achieve this, they made sure that the amplifiers are capable of delivering power that matches the power handling capabilities of the Club Series Speakers, and equipped them with YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing) to deliver a signal that will result in optimum system performance. The P-Series power amplifier can also be used with practically any loudspeaker PA system.

EEEngine (Energy Efficient Engine) Technology: EEEngine (Energy Efficient Engine) Technology makes more efficient use of AC power by reducing power consumption and heat generation without sacrificing output power or sound quality. When power requirements are low, the system uses a highly efficient current buffer to transparently switch input power on and off as needed. As power requirements increase, an independently responding auxiliary power line supplies additional power as required. Output isn't compromised because the auxiliary power line is driven by the power supply voltage which maintains maximum output to the speaker load.

Protection Circuitry + Cooling Fan: Comprehensive protection includes power on/off muting, DC detection, thermal protection, current limiting, and a protective cover for the attenuators. The Protection indicator lights up and sound output is automatically muted whenever the unit's protective circuitry is operating. The amplifier also features variable cooling fans for quiet, efficient cooling. The Temp indicator lights up if the unit is running hot.

Rack Mountable: The Yamaha P7000S power amp is rack mountable with a 2U chassis size.

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