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Projection Alarm Clock

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TechKen Projection Alarm Clock Voice Alarm Clock with Digital LCD Screen With Home Electronic Thermometer Time Wall Ceiling Projection, Cute Design for Living Room and Bedroom

• LCD Screen displayed: Time, Temperature, Alarm (if you've set one). Please REMOVE the LED display protective film before you use.
• VOICE GIVING TIME: time can be read when you press the dome. LED DISPLAY BRIGHT TIME CAN STAY ON WHEN USING THE DC 5V CABLE (included).
• LED projection time on wall or ceiling: you could also read time just open your eyes in the morning. Projection will stay on 5-10s after you press the dome. Please note projection time could NOT stay on all the time, it's designed to save energy and keep safe from overheating of constant projecting.
• Also work as an electronic thermometer: you can read the live temperature on the LCD screen.
TechKen group service guaranttee: you can get your money back within 30 days if you're not satisfied with this product.

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