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Medi Body Orthopaedic Viscose Gel Foam Seat Cushio

€ 80.00

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I am selling a brand new Pressure Relief Cushion with gel and foam made in Germany with the best quality ever!!!!

Features – Fantastic pressure relieving properties, climate control, comfortable and healthy. Viscose foam in combination with gel is the perfect seat cushion. Promotes the correct sitting position for a healthy back and cool for a comfortable seating surface.

Their back health viscose foam gel cushion for comfort and healthy at the same time, as, the foam offers an optimal seat surface, so that all motion gently steamed. Adapts to your rear ergonomically to measure and prevents the formation of pressure ulcers (pressure sores). The body cushion offers optimum pressure relief for the spine and the coccyx (10 packs).

Universal – be it in the office, in the car or when travelling: thanks to sit for long on Medi body is the spine and intervertebral discs relieves and discomfort in the back and lumbar vertebrae area can be reduced. Great for pregnant women, during pregnancy under Sciatica and suffering with pain.
Gorgeous seating experience – High Quality 4.6ft Gel Cushion was climate control, and is suitable for a touch of cool seat allows. The breathable cover helps to keep ventilation and preventing heat build up.
Product details, thanks to the ergonomic shape (approx: 39 x 44 x 7.5 cm) fits to the seat cushion any sitting position to measure. The hard-wearing non-slip pimples for sitting on slippery smooth documents. The cover is washable and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers. Made from microfiber and can be washed at 30 degrees.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a message if you are interested in this product!

Hausehold without animals and no smokers!

Private seller, no garantee or cancellation!

(Please Note the original price like this Cushion in Malta shops is around €175,00 to €200,00)

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