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Remington S7200 Wet2Straight Straightener

€ 65.00

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S7200 Wet 2 Straight Straightener. Price - €65
Ceramic coated plates infused with frizz resistant micro conditioners
Digital temperature display with 10 settings 140 - 230 degrees
Ready in 15 seconds
Longer length 110 mm plates
Floating plate for even pressure on the hair
If you want to tackle frizz, add more shine or have healthier looking hair in an instant then look no further. This range of tools incorporate the next generation of ideal Ceramic plates, infused with special Micro Conditioners, so not only will your hair be styled to distinct, it will be shiny and healthy looking too.
Speedy, Healthy Hair Styling with the Remington Wet2Straight Straightener
The Wet2Straight Straightener is designed specifically for use on towel dried hair so it’s time to put that hair dryer down as there’s no need to blow-dry. As the excess water vapourises into steam, it escapes through specifically designed vent holes creating a “Sssssssss” sound. This Steam Hydration Therapy locks the right amount of moisture into hair during the straightening process, making it kinder to hair, less prone to breakage and 85%* of testers saying their hair felt healthier.
Long-lasting Glamour
Not only is Wet2Straight quick and kind to hair, by locking in moisture and no need for blow-drying, but it also delivers long-lasting results. This is because hair is being straightened whilst damp, when it’s more malleable and then set in a very straight shape whilst styling with Wet2Straight.
This star-performing straightener even boasts Distinct Ceramic coated plates infused with anti-frizz micro conditioners which are released upon heating and transfer to the hair during styling – with tests confirming 80%* felt Wet2Straight delivered smooth, frizz free styles that last all day.
With its nine different temperate settings you can tailor the heat to suit your hair type. For hair that’s more sensitised or damaged use lower temperatures, or for thicker hair that needs a boost, dial the temperature up for smooth results that last from morning to night. The floating plates ensure even pressure on the hair for professional results and its fast 15 second heat up time is ideal for getting ready in a hurry.
“For me, healthy hair means happy clients and the Remington Wet2Straight is the answer to achieving silky-smooth, glossy hair that exudes healthiness. You no longer need to worry about the condition of your hair as Wet2Straight actually locks in moisture as you style. It’s an distinct tool for those with hectic lifestyles and want salon-standard results at home in an instant.” Chris Appleton, Remington Session Stylist
Product highlights:
• Distinct ceramic coated plates infused with Frizz Resistant Micro Conditioners
• Digital temperature display with 10 settings 140 - 230 degree centigrade
• Ready in 15 seconds
• Longer length 110 mm plates
• Floating plate for even pressure on the hair
• Auto shut off after 60 minutes
• Heat resistant pouch

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