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Engine or gearbox support bridge

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Item Description:
This motor bridge is ideally suited for assembly and disassembly of engines and transmissions up to a weight of 500 kg, making them ideal for professional and hobby car repair shops.

The carrier length of 150 cm allows you to carry out heavy car repairs, e.g. Removal or installation of your engine mount, transmission, or when working on the front axle, axle bearings, oil sump, etc. The engine mounts come with chains to balance the engine.

The fender edges are protected by gentle rubber sockets. Particularly noteworthy are in addition to a very good workmanship of this product, the practical ball handles of the hand lever rods, because the ball shape, the threaded rods are particularly easy to move.

Suitable for almost all vehicle types!
This engine bridge is also suitable for heavy engines up to 500 kg!
Infinitely adjustable height with hand lever nuts!
Work without damage to the fenders -
Safe working due to very stable threaded rods!
The motor bridge comes pre-assembled to you!
The feet can be rotated 360 degrees!

Technical specifications
Load capacity: max. 500 kg
Length of the engine bridge: 150cm
Width of the motor bridge: 8.3 cm
Base width: approx. 23 cm
Lifting height: approx. 25 cm
Minimum distance fender: 12 cm
Maximum distance fender: 146 cm
Chain length each: approx. 95 cm
Weight: approx. 17 kg
Material: Lacquered steel, plastic handles, rubberized feet
Red color

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