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Universal Design Compatible 10 in 1 Remote Control

€ 10.00

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The 10 in 1 remote control is a universal remote control manufactured by the Signalex Company. It is capable of controlling many brands of home entertainment equipment such as TV/RTV, SAT, DVD, VCR, COMBI, AUX, HiFi / CD, TNT, HDTV, STB, Blu-Ray players, and SKY Boxes.

A remote control is a device that enables the user to control remotely the functions of a television, set top box, and other equipment. The device transmits infrared signals to the equipment, which contains the receiver electronics.

If you bought a universal remote control ten years ago, then this one is much better because it has a vast memory covering hundreds of different models including some of the newer models of blu-ray players, and Sky receivers.

It comes with a folded paper instruction manual and a large broadsheet, printed on both sides, listing codes for hundreds of different brands. It lists all sorts of models such as Magnavox, Samsung, Yamaha, JVC, and Emerson to name a few.

The device selection options are impressive.

Hi Fi

I bought a Sharp BD-HP21H Blu-Ray DVD player for ten pounds at Cash Converters, but it did not have a remote control. The player was for my old folks who somehow managed to acquire some Blu-Ray discs.

Checking on the Internet, I found that a replacement remote control (GA718WJPA) would cost around twenty pounds. There was no way I was going to pay that much so I decided to look for a universal one, and the first logical place to begin was at my local pound store, where I found the Signalex 10 in 1.

I looked up the Sharp DVD codes in the manual and found one (code 2138) that worked for this model. It provided basic functions to use the DVD player, which was good enough.

The remote control is not much to look at, as it has a plastic case, and the rubber buttons sometimes remain trapped behind the case after you press them. However, for a pound, I suppose it is good enough because it works!

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