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Gaastra GTX 7m Windsurfing Sail

€ 75.00

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This is a very powerful Gaastra Freerace sail. Amongst the fastest 7 to 7.5m sails as confirmed by all reviews. Phenomenal wind range. Planes with as little as 13/14 knots and remains stable when the wind is touching the 20s. It's also impressive how it glides through lulls. It would be a perfect match for an intermediate to advanced person using Freerace boards like a Starboard Isonic or Futura, Fanatic Hawks or Falcons, JP Supersports, etc. This is NOT a sail for beginners as it has 3 cams, which however is what gives this sail its early planing power, high wind stability and glide through lulls. The cams rotate easily with one small pump following tacks which any intermediate sailor can easily do. In gybes, they rotate by themself. This is a sail for someone who appreciates performance and wants to quickly hit high speeds with easy manouvrability. Ridiculous low price which more than compensates for a small repair which the sail would benefit from having to fix a small tear in the luff sleeve next to one cam. You don't find any similar sails at such a low price.

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