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PC Parts CPUs, Fans,Graphics Cards, Power Supply

€ 50.00

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Consumer Electronics
Used, Good


I have various pc parts for sale so if anyone require more information please pm or call me

These are for pickup only. I do not afford to deliver a part for only 2euros.

So here is my lists and the prices

Power Supply 250w 5 Euros
Power Supply 250w 5 Euros
Power Supply 300w 5 Euros
Power Supply 450w 10 Euros

GF8400GS 255MB 10 Euros
GF05500PUD110 +0C 10 Euros
GF0550PUD110 +0C 10 Euros

3 DVD rw 05.00 Euros each

2 GB x2 ram sticks DDR2 10 Euros each

CPU P 4 3.00GHZ 07.00 Euros
CPU core 2 duo 2.20GHZ 07.00 Euros
CPU dual core 2.20GHZ 07.00 Euros
CPU P G640 2.80GHZ 07.00 Euros

6 extractor fans 02.50 Euro each
2 CPU heat sink fans 05.00 Euro each
3 80 gig hard drives 05.00 Euro each

Various old motherboards 10 Euros Each

You can buy this as a whole for 120 euros
All products have been tested and are working

No returns / no Refunds

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