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100% organic turmeric paste for humans and dogs

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Do you want to keep yourself and your dogs in top health condition and eliminate the dangerous steroids and pills with the natural way? We all know how turmeric can help both dogs and humans alike, especially those suffering from joint pain, Arthritis, cancer etc. After months of deep research and contacts I managed to be able to bring an excellent turmeric paste to help my dogs, and after tried and tested several times, and seen difference in my dogs and also on myself, and on others that have bought this product from me, I am now sharing this with you. This paste is 100% organic as you can buy others much cheaper but will have no effect at all, its curcumin value is over 5% which is very high compared to others, its mixed with virgin organic coconut oil (very healthy to wellbeing), ceylon cinnamon and black pepper all of very high quality. They are gluten free, diary free, GMO free and Vegan. Amount would be only 1/4 of a teaspoon daily for small dogs and less than a teaspoon for large ones. Humans can start with half a teaspoon mixed with hot water and honey. Turmeric is also proven to prevent and treat cancer. Its a must for our pets, and for ourselves. If interested to know more and test for yourself this organic turmeric then please PM me for more details or call. Our packets are of 100ml each. Keep yourself healthy the natural way and if you have pets let them feel the same.

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