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Blood Glucose Monitor Testing

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Blood Glucose Monitor Testing

Importance of Self-Monitoring your Blood Glucose Levels

Many people think that there is no point in self-testing because they believe that they know when their blood glucose levels are too high. Unfortunately this is often not true and unless your blood glucose level is very high, the way you feel is not always a good or accurate guide to what is happening.

This Blood Glucose Monitoring System gives an accurate picture of your blood glucose level at the time of the test. It involves pricking your finger with the lancing device and putting a drop of blood on a testing strip. The Meter will read the result automatically. Using the Self-Test diary included in the pack to record your results will help you and your healthcare team work out whether your treatment needs to be adjusted.

What do you actually get with this pack?

1 x Blood Glucose Meter - stores up to 500 test results - we are offering two meter types - One reading in mmol/L and the other reading in mg/dL. You can select which meter type you want.

1 x Adaptable Lancing Device offering 10 different comfort settings
10 x Blood Glucose Test Strips
10 x Lancets
1 x 3V Battery Type CR2032
1 x Carrying Case
1 x SD Check Strip.....Full instructions and a helpful Self Test Diary.
ALL For € 60.00

Optional you can order
Our replacements:
50 Blood Test strips @ € 20.00
100 Lancets @ € 15.00

If optionals are ordered with Blood Glucose meter the total is : € 88.00 saving € 7.00

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