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Time Tutelary Dual 2 Automatic Tower Watch Winder

€ 150

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Jewelry, Gems, Watches


Brand New in box these winders for your Rolex or any other watches of prestige.
Keep Automatic Watches Running; Gentle rotation keeps your watches wound and ready to wear. This extends service life of watch.
Auto alternate direction
Wind either clockwise or anticlockwise via override switch
Four mode timer function
Dual tower design with small footprint
Porthole door with mag lock
Removable watch grips
Size: 141mm x 192mm x 243mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 845g

Programmable timer function:
Auto rotate 33 seconds, rest 12 minutes
Auto rotate 10 minutes, rest 90 minutes
Auto rotate 30 minutes, rest 3 hours
Auto rotate 1 hour, rest 3 hours

Constructed from a lightweight plastic casing with a durable mag lock door with two porthole style windows, a distinctively modern appearance. The high rise design gives the added benefit of a small footprint with the ability to keep two watches wound at all times.

The unit operates on A/C current only, adapter is included. Works well with virtually any automatic watch.

There is lots of space inside for a good sized chunky gents watch and plenty of clearance between the turntable and cover (roughly 25mm).

The removable adjustable watch holder is spring loaded and expands to grip a maximum watch strap circumference of 210mm. It can be compressed to hold a strap circumference as small as 160mm.

Today's most extravagant timepieces come equipped with an automatic movement. That means they never need batteries and never need to be wound by hand. They're powered by the kinetic movement of your body when you wear them. But what if you have different watches for different occasions? Our specially designed automatic winding case will keep your favourite watch wound and ready for when you need it. A low acoustical noise motor keeps the watch moving on a turntable nestled beneath a see-thru lid.

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