- Under penalty of death - Order to join Wehrmacht
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Under penalty of death - Order to join Wehrmacht
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  • 9/2/2018
  • 9/3/2018
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UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH - YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY JOIN Wehrmacht Volksturm and defend the Fatherland...

EXTREMELY RARE HISTORICAL ARTIFACT - a unique one time opportunity to own this official Wehrmacht document bearing signature of Nazi Germany’s Oberstleutnant Lübkemeier - Officer in charge of the Volkssturm, the German home guard (promulgated by Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels) who fought against the Allies during the final defeat of Nazi Germany.

This 22cm by 17cm historical document is in a very good state of preservation. It is stored in a Museum quality acid free folder and is dated 17.iv.1944. It bears swastika seals on BOTH recto and verso (On the outer side there is the address of Otto August. On the inside the Order - under the penalty of death - to immediately join in the Volksturm) and is incredibly hand signed by Oberstleutnant Lübkemeier himself, making this Nazi artifact and RARE official Wehrmacht document of international historical interest/value.

PLEASE GOOGLE: Hans-Georg Henke - one of Oberstleutnant Lübkemeier's soldiers who was captured and beaten by the US 9th Army in Germany.

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