- Silcare UV gel High light LED Grand Edition
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Silcare UV gel High light LED Grand Edition
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  • 2/10/2017
  • 5/12/2017
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The innovative polymer system HIGH LIGHT LED GEL is the technology of the highest quality.
Thanks to its unique formula of the gel curing time has been reduced to 30 seconds in LED lamps and traditional UV lamps. It is a gel-phase, medium thick. Suitable for use on a natural nail plate, especially for application to the tip, and the construction of the mold.

The new method HIGHT LIGHT LED GEL brings invaluable benefits...

1. The curing time of gel reduced from 3-4 minutes to 30 seconds in both the LED lamp and the UV lamp is 36W.
2. The effect of cooking reduced to zero. No heat released during the curing of the gel.
3. About 30 minutes less time spent in the office, shortened service, the ability to perform more services.
4. LED radiation safe for the skin and the environment. Wave UV (A) produced by the LED lamp does not adversely affect the skin such as waves UV (B) as a standard UV lamp
5. Energy saving, thanks to LEDs, which provide low power consumption, much lower than the UV bulb.
6. No need to replace light bulbs, as in the case of UV lamps, the LED can operate over 50,000 hours, which gives the LED lamp life up to 20 years.

- Single phase,
- medium thick

HOW TO USE: curing time and a UV LED lamp with a power 36 Watt - base layer - 30 sec. - Uplifting - 30 sec. - Final - 30 sec. The last layer requires washing Cleaner for obtaining a super shine.
GEL TYPE: building, LED CAPACITY: 100g. COLOUR: Pink / Clear / Cover

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