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Thermo Drine Fat burner
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  • 22/1/2012
  • 13/1/2018
  • 2007
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Thermo Drine Complex

Scientifically engineered with four key components, Thermo Drine is an extremely potent thermogenic FAT BURNING formula, designed to deliver real results. Thermo Drine accelerates fat metabolism and simultaneously generates energy from your stored body fat to give you an extra energy boost for your workout. Thermogenic and fat control components raise body temperature and decrease appetite to ensure maximum fat burning even without any physical activity. Thermo Drine helps to lose excessive body fat, geaving only lean, ripped muscle mass.

Don’t be a prisoner to fat – BURN IT OFF!

Tune your body for lean muscle mass!

The desire to get rid of body fat goes back to the roots of bodybuilding. Gaining muscle mass is one thing – making the body really lean is another. The balancing act between having a large, soft body and a small, lean body is well-known to all.

What if you could just melt the unnecessary fat off your muscles and not lose muscle mass? What if the energy you gained from burning the fat could give you more drive to work out even harder and achieve more spectacular results even sooner? Have you tried Thermo Drine?

Come on baby, light my fire!

As soon as Thermo Drine enters the body it starts to do its job: Thermo Drine targets your heat centre and turns up your furnace so you burn all that you need to burn. We’re talking about fat, particularly stubborn fat and fat deposits which are normally extremely hard to get rid of. Not for Thermo Drine!

One complex product to rule them all…

You might be thinking that there are other fat burners out there. We at BioTech USA are well aware of that fact. We took the time to have a good look at such products in our lab – testing them was the job of our engineers who also worked many months to develop Thermo Drine. BioTech USA didn’t want to simply come out with another fat burner – the goal was to develop a thermodynamic fat burning formula which is far more effective than any other product available in the market and is at the same time free of any potential side effects. Based on our tests, we’re proud to say that we succeeded.

“I started taking Thermo Drine three weeks ago and I have to say that it has set the beast in me free! I always used to have a problem with being muscular in a chubby way, but now I look like an unstoppable gladiator. This is Spartaaaa!” – László Gerendás

Rev up your metabolism!

One requirement for efficient fat burning is that your central control center should get a new command: your metabolism needs to be reprogrammed so that it can handle all the aspects of fat burning. One of the most important advantages of Thermo Drine is that it does that for you while preparing your body for professional-level fat burning. Thermo Drine switches your body to a higher gear so incoming fats are burned more efficiently in the furnace. The energy produced isn’t wasted – it’s instantly available to help you work out. Last but not least, it reduces your appetite so your body won’t rely on external sources to satisfy your energy needs, instead you’ll burn your inner reserves of fat.

“It’s not the first fat burner I have taken. Not that I had anything against the other ones; I just stumbled upon Thermo Drine. If I had seen it in some advertisement, I sure wouldn’t have believed the big words because I’m not a beginner bodybuilder. Here everything is about promises, but ultimately the results are up to you. But if something rightly deserves big words, it’s Thermo Drine. I’ve been taking it for a month, and I can’t believe it’s me looking back in the mirror. This stuff is not for amateurs, that's for sure." – Adrian Keys, professional bodybuilder

Do you dare to take a closer look?

Four complex formulas blended with care and precision – that’s the magic. It goes without saying that our engineers have put a lot of time and effort into choosing and matching the substances contained to create a formula which meets the major challenge of burning fat while also working in harmony with your body.

1. Fat Burning, Lipid Decomposing Formula

It's not only your car that benefits from chromium – your body does – too. Chromium optimizes protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, helps maintain proper blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol. White Willow extract is good for the liver and the digestive system, and L-Carnitine Fumarate increases fat breakdown.

2. Fat Control Formula

It’s not enough to burn fat; it's better when body fat knows its place – the furnace! Garcinia Cambogia extract, in addition to reducing your appetite, stops lipid synthesis and thus prevents fats from being stored. Its ‘partner’ is the famous Yerba Mate which increases the number of calories burned as it has a thermogenic effect. Yerba Mate also reduces your appetite and increases alertness and your ability to concentrate.

3. Thermo Factor

Green Tea extract improves digestion and encourages the instant decomposition of fats which enter the digestive system – it enhances the breakdown of fat deposits. Caffeine mobilizes fats and encourages their use as a source of energy.

4. Diuretic and Metabolism Enhancing Factor

Kola nut stimulates the activity of the central nervous system and enhances alertness and mental performance. It also stimulates circulation, helps muscular activity and reduces the sensation of hunger. It has a gentle diuretic effect so it doesn't result in dehydration. It effectively cleanses your body and helps in the removal of products of the fat decomposition process.

Do you take bodybuilding seriously? Thermo Drine is only for those who really do. From now on, no one will believe you when you say you just work out a little at home…

As a dietary supplement, the maximum recommended serving is three Thermo Drine capsules. Nonetheless you should start out with one to two capsules daily to assess tolerance. Take Thermo Drine when you wake up in the morning.

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